The Lincoln School Presents: 

The Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors

The Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors


The Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors


Exciting local and national authors and illustrators! (see a complete list)

A performance by Elizabeth Mitchell!
Book making and crafts!
Lunch available from Chez Pascal’s Mobile Food Truck!
Professional development credits available for RI educators


Festivals are the best way to make life full of fun and enjoyment, and these festivals get even better when you bring something good out of these to help the mankind in any way. Book fairs and festivals are one of these types of festivals, which offer great number of benefits as it spreads knowledge and literacy amongst the people. The Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors is one of these festivals, which not only gives opportunity to have some good time but also broadens the wisdom of children as well as grown up people. The festival is making it possible to keep the interest level as high as possible in books as people are getting away from this healthy hobby because of hi-tech gadgets and busy life.

The Festival of Children’s Books is the best way to enhance the interest of children in books; and to contribute in this good deed, many nationally acclaimed authors and illustrators make it sure to be present and the festival. These personalities give presentations to the attenders about their art, philosophy, life and struggle. You can even buy the latest edition of books of these authors and illustrators by simply visiting the festival. It not only give you the above said opportunities, but also give you the opportunity to meet these personalities and gets your favourite books signed by them. Although there are some rules like you cannot get more than three books signed and the books are supposed to be bought from the festival.

Schedule: It took place on Saturday, October 19, 2013, and it was the fifth consecutive year as the festival was celebrated in 2009 for the very first time. The festival starts exactly at 9:00am and welcomes the visitors warm heartedly and ends at 5:00pm. During all the time, well-known personalities give presentations of thirty minutes each. The book fair offers its services all the time during festival and lunch gets served at noon by Hewtin’s Dogs Mobile.

The festival has many benefits which is making the society a better place to live. It is observed that after the commencement of the festival, the literacy rate has been remarkably increased and people are making it sure that their children take interest in books.

It would not be wrong to say that the Festival of Children’s Books is by far the best festival and book fair of Rhodes and it has not even a signal negative impact on society.it also encourages the newcomers to be a part of the festival by applying for making their presence as author or illustrator. It can enhance your personality and can broaden your wisdom by meeting with different people. With every coming year, the festival is getting better and better by making amendments and giving their best to host the festival in the best possible way.